Investment Opportunity, You Can Now Invest In Bioverge!

The Bioverge Reg CF Offering is Officially Live 🎊 and Accepting Investments!

At our core, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the financial and emotional rewards that come from investing in early stage healthcare companies. In other words, by giving everyone the chance to invest in up and coming healthcare startups, we can raise more capital for innovators whose discoveries improve and lengthen the lives of patients around the world, while collectively benefiting from their success. 

Thus, it only made sense for Bioverge to do the same, and give the opportunity to invest in our company to all accredited and non-accredited investors who share our vision—a future where everyone is able to diversify their portfolios with alternative assets and regular people can use their capital to shape the future of healthcare. 

I’m excited to announce ANYONE can invest in Bioverge, Inc., as we are officially accepting investments from investors through Netcapital starting at $99. 

Via Regulation Crowdfunding, Bioverge is currently raising capital in an effort to scale our investment platform, and democratize access to healthcare venture capital.

In this blog, I’ll go into what you need to know about equity crowdfunding, our Reg CF goals, and how to invest in Bioverge today.

Equity Crowdfunding 101 

In essence, equity crowdfunding allows startups and private companies to raise capital from the crowd through the sales of securities like shares or a convertible note. 

Previously, these investment opportunities were limited to accredited investors and extremely high-net worth individuals such as angel investors and venture capitalists until the SEC passed Title III of the JOBS Act  in 2016

Under Title III, regardless of wealth, anyone can invest in a private, or pre-IPO business online through a SEC-approved platform like Bioverge Portal, Wefunder, StartEngine, and Microventures. 

Regulation crowdfunding not only benefits investors, but also startups like Bioverge and our issuers. Before the JOBS act, startups were limited to VC firms and corporate avenues with higher barriers to entry. Now, Bioverge can raise money through our loyal fans and supporters, and a global community dedicated to advancing healthcare.

How Does it Work? 

On a portal such as Bioverge, you can explore offerings, discover upcoming startups, and learn about the companies raising capital. You can also invest and become a shareholder in the startups you believe will make a difference. Over time, you can track your investments’ progress and financially benefit from their success as they grow. 

How Much Can Companies Raise? 

Depending on how the startup files their raise with the SEC, they can raise the following amounts: 

  • Reg CF: Allows companies to raise up to $5M each year (Amended in March 2021)

  • Reg A: Allows companies to raise up to $75M each year (Amended in March 2021)

Read more about the different raises here.

Bioverge’s Reg CF Goals 

Bioverge has several ambitious goals in mind that we can reach with the support of a successful  equity crowdfunding campaign. With our funding we plan to: 

  • Expand our portfolio of disruptive healthcare startups utilizing technologies such as gene editing, gene therapy, genomics, AI, regenerative medicine, and much more. 
  • Continuously improve our online platform and user experience
  • Hire key roles and expand our team 
  • Scale our marketing initiatives to attract more issuers and investors
  • General corporate and administrative purposes

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Invest in Bioverge!  

Bioverge is an exciting company seeking to hold a unique position in the equity crowdfunding space, as the only healthcare-focused platform open to all investors. As equity crowdfunding becomes more mainstream, we anticipate a greater demand for our platform, more successful raises, and ultimately growth! 

If you want to invest in a company that we believe has an exciting future and will make a difference in healthcare innovation, then join Bioverge’s equity crowdfunding campaign on Netcapital! Your investment will make you a stakeholder in our company so you can make an impact while also benefiting from our success. 

We encourage you to invest in Bioverge today, and join our mission as a shareholder! If you have questions, please leave them in the “Discussion” section on the live deal page and our team will get back to you shortly!