Why I Founded Bioverge: My Mission to Democratize Healthcare Investment Opportunities

Watch our CEO, Neil Littman, share the story that inspired him to found Bioverge.

Everyday I'm thankful not only for my own health but the health and wellbeing of everyone I love

Healthcare has always been an integral part of my life, and for a time I thought I would pursue a PhD and practice medicine. 

However, early on I learned that path was not for me, but realized there was a whole world around the business of biotechnology and healthcare. 

I found my passion in the business of commercializing science and bringing novel technologies to patients around the world.  

That lead me down a path of tons of invaluable entrepreneurial experiences such as: 

  • Being the former VP of Business Development at Notable Labs, an oncology startup

  • Being a member of the Executive Leadership Team and Director of Business Development at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

  • Heading the Therapeutics Group at CIRM which managed over $500M of CIRM investment

  • Overseeing the Strategic Infrastructure Group at CIRM, managing a portfolio of $125M

Though my experiences are integral to who I am and what I do today, nothing beats the moment I knew I wanted to start Bioverge. 

CIRM funded a program at UCLA that was developing a gene therapy to treat Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) in children. Children born with SCID do not have a functioning immune system and have a short life expectancy of 20 to 25 years. Needless to say, it’s a tragic disease for families that are impacted by SCID.

The gene therapy that CIRM funded treated a particular little girl called, Evie, who I had the pleasure of meeting during CIRM board meetings. 

UCLA treated Evie at one year old. Fast forward five years later when I met her, Evie was six years old and cured.  

Ultimately, the therapy that CIRM funded directly led to the cure of a previously incurable disease. And by the way, that technology was spun into a biotech company that went public at over a billion dollar valuation. We know that all the early investors in the company did quite well for themselves. 

I thought to myself, “Why don’t more people have access to these kinds of healthcare technologies?” 

That’s when Bioverge was born, and ever since our team has been on a mission to bring science fiction to life and share more impactful investment opportunities in healthcare with more people, democratizing access to private investing in the process.

For a long time, common wisdom has separated philanthropy — that is, donations of financial resources toward social change — from investing, which is meant to support purely financial interests.

I’m a firm believer that social change and investing do NOT need to be mutually exclusive. 

In fact, I believe impact investing is one of the best ways to seek financial returns AND create a positive social or environmental impact at the same time—which is why I founded Bioverge, a platform specifically geared to healthcare investing. 

Under the Title III of the JOBS act, everyday, non-accredited investors can invest in the healthcare innovators and disruptors they believe in while still making a financial return, it’s the ultimate win-win situation. And as more investors look to diversify their portfolios and equity crowdfunding becomes more mainstream, I believe platforms like Bioverge will be essential to both investors and entrepreneurs looking to create change.  

Bioverge has experience some awesome success to date including: 

  • Successfully closing 32 deas across 21 portfolio companies
  • Closed 2 multi-company “Access Funds”
  • Saw 186% YoY revenue growth in 2020

I’m excited to say we’re positioned to experience more success and milestones as well.

But to ensure our mission and vision is realized in the next five to ten years we have to scale, which requires increased brand awareness, a robust team, and growth capital. To support these goals, Bioverge is currently running our own equity crowdfunding campaign on Netcapital

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I leave you with this last thought, what is more fundamental than health? 

Health is universal, and whether we like it or not, we are all patients at some point in our lives. 

Thus, it makes sense that we actively take a part in advancing technologies that will improve our health, and the health of the next generation like Evie. 

At Bioverge we want every American to invest in the future of their own health.

And, I look forward to building a platform that connects the best in healthcare innovation with a passionate investor community driven to change lives. 

Help us accelerate our mission by joining Bioverge’s investor community on Netcapital. If you have any questions, please drop us a question and the team will reach out as soon as possible.